With Cristy Takigawa

I met Cristy Takigawa for the first time.she is so charming person I ever know.

She is running the radio program Saude Saudade, wich is the longest brasilian radio program in Japan produced by Jim Nakahara.


◆The first time I played in Taiwan was 11 years ago.
I took my parents with me and we traveled to three places together.
All the places were a mixture of Brazil and Japan for me.
And I have one more reason to like Taiwan: my father was born in Tainan, a place located to the south of Taiwan.

◆My concert in Wuhan was very relaxed with a great audience.
I will never forget the smiles of the young girls who came to see me after the show.
Thank you dear!


◆To perform in the temple is so peaceful.
It was like I was meditating with my Buddah.

◆The concerts in Singapore and HongKong were a challenge for me.

My father, who was always my best friend and encourage me to become a musician, has past away right before these concerts.
For the first time in my life I had lost someone that I loved very much.
I dedicated these concerts to him. He was there, I knew he was there.


My father opened this club in 1972.
It was the place that I performed for the first time when I was 14.
And I performed at Saci for one week this year.
And all the musicians came here to get together.

Everybody danced to the beat of Samba.
Everybody was very happy, so I was happy too.


◆Qingdao is a resort town in China. A long time ago, it was German territory
so as a result, it is famous for its summer beer festival…
And the Chinese beer label, Qingdao.
I have enjoyed seeing many Chinese people relaxing, drinking and swimming here in Qingdao city.

◆For the first time, I judged someone. Who am I to judge someone? Hey, Lisa!!!
But I did… and it was amazing to see so many talented Asian singers in this program.
They have their own style and yes, their own personality as well.

That means that everybody is not the same; they all had their own happiness and sadness
And their own reasons and stories.

◆To play with a string quartet is always something special.
Especially when you can listen to the string instrument’s real sound so close to you.
The sound of an acoustic instrument is really beautiful.


◆I love Thai food and Thai people, too.
And the most exciting part of this Thai tour was enjoying the sound of Four Play,
It was so gentle, so light, so intelligent and so free…

◆I was standing on the stage of Billboard with Daniel in Japan.
He wore a black hat and played and sang just like his grandfather.

He likes to eat sushi; Uni is his favorite.

So we played “Girl from Ipanema” eight times but when we had finished singing the last one, I realized that it is gonna be the LAST time we sang it together and all of us musicians became sad.

Saudade Daniel-san! Next time we will play with Paulo-san as well since we missed Paulo-san…

◆Pane is my favorite pianist. I mean, I also love many Brazilians like Pane, Mario and Dori too. But every time Pane plays, it’s like he embraces each notes of the song.

We went to a resort hotel with a fantastic view of the mountain. The gentle rain only added to the scenery.


◆ We were at Blue Note in Nagoya. We musicians were happy to play in a live house.
It seems that it is possible for all of us to be together at once in a small space.

◆Here in Cheng Du there is so much exotic food! I enjoyed eating Catfish with tomato base soup. It was very good!!!!! Really….

◆This year we held a concert to showcase a little bit of Brasil.
And to combine it I sang many of my favorite Brazilian standards, hope you Liked it.


My last stay in Rio de Janeiro was in 2002 ,11 years ago.

What a Saudade!

I missed the beaches, Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca.

My coconut water, feijoada and arabian snacks.
The Corcovado was there as well as the Sugar Leaf.

It felt as though time had stopped for me.

So this time I was invited by the Korean singer, Mr.Lee Mong Sae who was making a tv program with a focus on all the different types of music in the world. We were there to shoot the Brazilian episode together in Rio.